The rooms

We want that our visitors spend a romantic night in a relaxing and unusual setting. To bring a magical and enchanting touch to this “Augeron” heritage, we have dedicated our rooms to Norman history. The choice was difficult, considering the richness of the subject, but after intense discussions, heated debates, famous disputes and the imaginative assistance of our friends we managed to agree on five themes, related to famous Norman characters.


Our passion for Normandy and history has naturally led us to look after the atmosphere and the decoration for a change of scenery! All our rooms have been completely renovated. Charm and comfort are our leitmotif! They are equipped with every comfort, quality bedding, bathroom and toilet, TV (sorry for the anachronism!), kettle and tea / coffee service available, hair dryer, towels and bathrobes, hygiene products.


They are nicely decorated with antique objects, family furniture and a lot of travel souvenirs, Christophe’s passion (after the one he takes to his wife of course!). The Norman inspiration is tinged with some Persian, Macedonian, Balkan, Nordic, even Zen touches!


The warm atmosphere will offer you a cozy little nest for a romantic stay, through an epic of Norman history. A place where stress disappears as touched by a spell of magic!